Certified USDA Organic Facial Signature Séries – Organic AMLA Fruit Complex – Sold Exclusively To Luxury Eco-Friendly Spas & Resorts

Fraiche Naturals offers an Exclusive Certified USDA Organic Facial Signature Séries Collection “Organic AMLA Fruit Complex” Our Founder has made the commitment to sell Exclusively to Eco-Friendly Farmhouse Resorts & Luxury Resorts Wellness Spas. The signature collection skincare is available only from our Professional Spa Wellness Retail Partners. Your Exclusive Professional Spa Retailer or Spa Boutique will also have the information on shipping + reorder purchases for their valuable customers needs. Please email us for Domestic & International Wholesale Inquiries if you are a Eco-Friendly Wellness Spa Resort and want to be onboard with Fraiche Naturals. Our Eco-Friendly Bottles + Packaging is no longer an option but necessity in saving the earth. We are happy to partner with Luxury Resorts & Spa’s with LEED Business Practices and environmental changes taken place within your company. At Fraiche Naturals we enjoy formulating new products along the way to help with your clientele needs. Fraiche Naturals has made a choice to provide the world with the highest quality and healthiest formulated ingredients. Our commitment is to provide the world with the strictest, cleanest and the most trustworthy certifier of organic skin care products. Fraiche Naturals is an advocate in bringing awareness of toxic preservatives in your skin care you use daily. The ingredient content of your skincare is very important to Fraiche Naturals as we our compassionate about your health and well-being. The certified organic ingredient percentage 95-100% is located on every bottle you receive. We also carry our exclusive certified organic Back Bar products of Professional Body massage oils + Body scrubs available upon request. We thank you for being a part of Fraiche Naturals delivering clean health and compassion skincare to our valuable clientele. Merci mes amis!

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Fraiche Naturals Organic Alma Fruit Complex Vegan Facial Séries Line offers 7 HEALTHFUL ORGANIC FORMULATED KEY INGREDIENTS to offer a Luminous Healthy Glowing Completion. (Organic Polygonum Hydropiper) Extract (Organic Oenothera Biennis) Evening Primrose Oil  (Organic AMLA – Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract)  Also known as Indian Gooseberries (Organic Trametes Versicolor Extract) Also known as Turkey Tail Mushroom (Organic Snow Mushroom) Extract (Organic Ascophyllum nodosum) Seaweed Leaf Extract  (Camellia Sinensis) Tea Leaf Extract Powder

  1. Organic Resveratrol (Formulated with Natural Organic Certified Polygonum Hydropiper Extract)
    Organic Resveratrol has increased owing to the high potent concentration of resveratrol and its glycosides in the root. It is non-animal derived ingredient that is ideal for topical application. Organic Resveratrol has the abilities to increase healthy cell proliferation. The organic resveratrol offers an anti-aging effect promoting the production of Collagen by the skin and by firming and reconstructing the dermo-epidermal that is necessary to maintain the resilience of the skin. It significantly improves the visible signs of aging and a potent antioxidant.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil GLA is necessary for ideal skin structure and function. The skin can’t produce GLA on it’s own. Evening Primrose has many properties that is beneficial to the health of your skin. Primrose enhances the texture and elasticity of skin, addressing dryness, irritation, roughness and wrinkles. Evening Primrose is full of GLA Omega-6 – Omega-9 and Stearic Acid

 AMLA Organic Fruit Extract is among the richest sources of vitamin C, a nutrient that is loaded with therapeutic properties. It also helps in new cell regrowth, thanks to its anti-oxidant properties. Amla fruit extract helps stimulate pro-collagen (a precursor to collagen in the skin) when applied to the skin. It also protected the skin against collagen damage when exposed to UV rays. Amla Reduces Skin Irritation & Blemishes. Amla can act as a potent Anti-Aging remedy as it is a great source of antioxidants to the overall health of your skin.

Organic Trametes Versicolor Extract known as Turkey Tail is a shelf fungus that does vaguely resemble the fanned-out tail of a turkey in miniature. Turkey tail mushrooms are rich in beta glucans PSP and PSK polysaccharides. Superfoods like mushrooms are nutrient-rich and helps keep skin strong, hydrated and healthy-looking.

Organic Snow Mushroom Extract Organic alternative to Hydrochloric Acid (HA). It is a fungus, but it looks more like a white gelatinous flower than a mushroom. Snow mushrooms are also very high in amino acids, Vitamin D and can hold up to 500 times its weight in water, but it has smaller particles than Hydrochloric Acid, helping it to penetrate the skin more easily, so its hydrating powers are potent. It has anti-aging properties, it aids in collagen and elastin production for plumper skin around the eyes, lips and face for younger looking radiant skin. Best of all its an natural organic ingredient making this a magical mushroom for your skincare. 

Organic Ascophyllum Nodosum Seaweed Leaf Extract is rich in essential marine fatty acids, known to reinforce the skin’s lipid barrier to help retain moisture, protect from oxidants and reduce inflammation. Polyphenols restore elasticity, stimulate collagen and protein, reduce stress on skin cells and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. LET SEAWEED BE YOUR SECRET TO BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Note: This exclusive ingredient comes only in our Nutri-C Replenishing Spritz Facial Toner

Camellia Sinensis Tea Leaf Powder has powerful polyphenols, alkaloids and L-theanine giving your skin strong antioxidants to neutralize the oxidation of free radials caused by environmental stressors, which may otherwise lead to discoloration, lines, wrinkles and other common signs of aging. Some research suggests that the polyphenols in Camellia extract are stronger antioxidants than vitamin C. Note: This exclusive ingredient comes in our Organic Camélia Dry Facial Polish (Enzyme Peel) – Your professional Esthetician can add A La Carte to this polish for exceptional facial results within our skincare line.  




What does Organic mean? If the product is Certified Organic, that means it is made of 95% percent or more of organic ingredients derived from plant sources. All of these ingredients were grown without pesticides, bioengineered genes, or petroleum – based fertilizers, which could be toxic to the environment. Also, these ingredients were farmed using organic farming methods that recycle sources and promote biodiversity. Natural products are simply from natural sources without added synthetic compounds. Fraiche Naturals doesn’t just list key ingredients but the whole ingredients list on every product. Our Amla Fruit Collection products uses a Organic Aloe Vera base rather than PEGS/petroleum derivatives or water to dilute the ingredients. In collaboration with talented PHD chemists, our mission is to provide certified organic formulated products with outstanding results. Every product that is formulated is tested by Fraiche Naturals, created by Fraiche Naturals and adored by Fraiche Naturals.