Soothing Babassu Body Butter Net Wt 4 Oz


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  • Babassu is a palm tree native to Brazil that yields fruits similar to coconuts that are harvested for both babassu oil and babassu butter. The Babassu palm is also known as the Tree of Life, The palm is considered to be one of the most productive oil crops in the world. It fruits after about 7 years and reaches its peak between 35 and 40 years. In a year, one Babassu palm can produce up to 2000 fruits. The light brown fruit are covered with a tough fibrous exocarp surrounding a grey mesocarp containing three to six oil bearing seeds. Babassu Oil which is cold pressed, ensuring that the oil retains its nutrients – melts on contact with skin, so it can easily penetrate the skin’s surface, offering rich moisture and a wide range of nutrients & antioxidants. Babassu oil is normally light yellow in color when its in a liquid form and creamy white when solid. It is very similar to Coconut Oil except that it has very little odor and is a soft solid, more fluffy and buttery than the much firmer coconut oil. It will not leave that overly greasy feeling behind. It is exceptionally soothing, protective and emollient. Babassu is naturally cooling, making it a great after-sun exposure treatment. Light, Pleasant Characteristic Aroma to have around for years to come.

    Babassu Butter is a good source of:

    • Vitamin E
    • Lauric fatty acid
    • Myristic fatty acid
    • Oleic fatty acid
    • Palmitic fatty acid
    • Stearic fatty acid


    • Naturally antifungal and antibacterial
    • It’s a highly effective emollient
    • Doesn’t clog your pores
    • Soothing, protecting, and moisturizing  –  Use as a substitute for coconut oil – Natural anti-inflammatory properties

Our Organic Babassu Oil is Non-GMO + USDA Certified Organic

Typical Shelf Life*: 1 – 2 Years Of Purchase Date – Store in an air-tight container in cool temperatures (below 25 °C) away from light and moisture. This product will become liquid above ambient temperatures (e.g. 36 °C) but     will re-solidify upon cooling without functionality being affected.

Directions: Apply Babassu Butter to clean damp or dry skin after Showering or Bathing.

Ingredients: Certified !00 % *Organic Babassu (Orbignya Oleifera) Seed Oil Butter

External Use Only

Origin- Brazil (Oil Produced in Europe from Brazilian Seeds)